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Dept.部 前厅部常用英语 English for Front Office Dept.前厅部常用英语

1,Good morning/ Good afternoon /Good evening !早上好/下午好/晚上好!

2,Welcome to Ravi Shinger International Hotel 下午好!欢迎光临诺威香卡国际酒店.

3,How may I help you ?请问有什么可以帮到您? 4,May I know your name ,please ?请问贵姓?

5,Do you have a reservation with us?请问您预订了房间了吗? 6,I'll check our room availability 我来查一下是否有空房间.

7,Just a moment ,Please 请稍等

8,I'm sorry. We have no record of a booking in your name.对不起,我们没有以您的名义预订的房 间记录.

9,We have standard rooms, single rooms, Garden suite and presidential suite.我们有标间,单 人间,花园套房及总统套房.

10,How long do you plan to stay?请问您预计住几天?

11,May I see your passport ?我能看一下您的护照吗?

12,Your room charge for one night is RMB***,sir/madam.先生/女士,您一晚的房费是***元

13,The room charge is include two breakfast.房价包含两份早餐.

14,please pay RMB300 as deposit 请支付 300 元作为押金.

15,How would you like to make the payment, in cash or by credit card?请问您打算如何付款?现 金支付还是信用卡?

16,If you need the room service ,please dial8800.如果您需要客房送餐,请拨 8800.

17,We hope you enjoyed your stay .希望您在这儿住的愉快.

18,May I have your room key ,please ?请把房卡给我好吗?

19,Just a moment ,please .I'll draw up your bill for you.请等一下,我帮你您结算账单

20,May I take a print of the card ,please?请让我划印一下您的信用卡,好吗?

21,Could you please sign here ,please ?请您在这里签名,好吗?

22,Here is your card and your receipt .这是您的卡和收据.

23,Have a nice trip .祝旅途愉快!

24,May I know what is wrong ?请问有什么问题吗?

25,I beg your pardon .请再说一次.

26,I will speak to our manager about it.我会向我们经理报告这件事情.

27,I will check it with the department concerned .Would you mind waiting for a minute ?我跟 相关部门联系一下.请你等一分钟好吗?.

28,I will correct your bill.我来把您的账单改过来.

29,We look forward to serving you again .我们期待能再次为您服务.

30,Here's your room, Mr. Johnson .After you .这是您的房间,约翰逊先生.您先请. 31,It is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.它的营业时间是早上 9 点到晚上 11 点. 32,You can call the housekeeping if you need laundry service,the number is 0.如果您需要洗 衣服务,可以打电话给房务中心,号码是"0" .

33,You can call the front desk directly if you need a taxi . the number is 8106.如果您需要 出租车,可以直接打电话给前台,号码是 8106

34,If there is anything I can do for you , please call me .如果有什么我能为您效劳的,请给我 打电话.

35,Could you hold the line ,please ?请不要挂断电话,好吗?

36,Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 10:00, on the first floor 早餐是从上午 7 点到 10 点供应, 在一楼西餐厅.

37,At what time can we expect you ?您几点光临呢?

38,I'm afraid another guest is using it .I will bring it to your room as soon as it's available ,will that be all right ?恐怕另一位客人正在使用.我会尽快送到您房间去,可以吗? 39,Please dial 8first ,then the room number .您打房间号码,请在房号前加"8" . 1

40.Please go through the formalities for extending your stay.请您办理一下续房手续. 41.Let bellboy lead you to your room. 让行李员送您上去.

42.The room isn't cleaned completely. Please have a rest in sofa.房间暂时未打扫出来,请您在 沙发上休息一会.

43.Do you need bellboy take your baggage?您需要行李员为您搬运行李吗? 44,May I know your room number?我可以知道您的房号吗?

45,At what time shall we call you ,sir?您需要几点钟叫醒呢,先生?

46,For IDD line ,please dial 9 first ,then the country code ,area code and telephone number . 拨打国际长途电话,请先拨 9,然后再拨国家代码,区号和电话号码.

47,For IDD line, the charge is RMB8 per minute.国际长途每分钟 8 元.

48,For DDD line, the charge is RMB 0.7 per minute .国内长途每分钟 7 毛钱.

50,We have sauna/massage /foot massage/ ……service, on the third floor. 我们三楼提供桑拿, 按摩,足浴等服务.

51,We offer this service in our hotel.我们酒店提供此项服务.

52,You can take a sauna bath there.您可以在那洗桑拿浴.

53,I'm terribly sorry to hear that .听到这样的事情,我真是非常遗憾.

54,I will contact with engineer to repair it .我马上联系工程师将它修复. Housekeeping Dept.客房部


1,You can call the housekeeping if you need laundry service.如果您需要洗衣服务,可以打电话 给房务中心.

2,You can call the front desk directly if you need a taxi .如果您需要出租车,可以直接打电话 给前台.

3,Thank you for waiting 让你久等了

4,I will check with my supervisor.我得请示主管. (常用于回应客人的特殊要求)

5,Could you hold the line ,please ?请不要挂断电话,好吗?

6,Housekeeping . May I come in ?我是客房服务员,可以进来吗?

7,May I do your room now ?我现在可以清理您的房间吗?

8,What time would be better for you ?您什么时间合适呢?

9,You can call the housekeeping when you want your room done ?当您需要清理房间时,可以给房 务中心打电话.

10,Housekeeping .May I collect your laundry .客房服务员,我可以收您的送洗衣物了吗?

11,I'm afraid it's too late for today's laundry .现在恐怕已经过了今天的洗衣时间.

12,Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 10:00. 早餐是从上午 7 点到 10 点供应.

13,I'm afraid another guest is using it .I will bring it to your room as soon as it's available ,will that be all right ?恐怕另一位客人正在使用.我会尽快送到您房间去,可以吗?

14,I will contact with engineer to repair it .我马上联系工程师将它修复.

15,I'm afraid the line is busy now. Would you like to try again?电话正占线.你愿意稍等一 下,让我再试一次吗?

16,At what time shall we call you ,sir?您需要几点钟叫醒呢,先生?

17,Please dial 8 first ,then the room number. 请在房间号前加拨 8(内线拨打房间).

18,For IDD line ,please dial 9 first ,then the country code ,area code and telephone number . 拨打国际长途电话,请先拨 9,然后再拨国家代码,区号和电话号码.

19,Just a moment, I will send an attendant to your room .请稍等,我将让一个服务去您的房间. Dept.部 餐饮部常用英语 English for Food & Beverage Dept.


餐饮部常用英语 1.English of Chinese Restaurant


1.How many, please? 请问几位?

2,This way , please .这边请.

3,A waiter /waitress will come soon to take your order .服务员很快会来为您写菜单. 2

4,It looks good ,smells good and tastes good .这道菜色,香,味俱全.

5,Why not try the…….?要不要试试………呢? 6,Which brand of milk / beer/ cigarettes/wine/…would you prefer ?你喜欢什么牌子的牛奶/啤酒 7,It may take about 15 minutes 可能需要 15 分钟.

8,It's crisp/tasty/tender/clear/strong/spicy/aromatic 它很酥脆/可口/鲜嫩/清淡/浓烈/辣/香味扑鼻.

9,Here is **** for your order, please enjoy it.这是您点的菜,请慢慢享用. 10,Here is your bill.这是您的帐单.

西餐: English of Western Restaurant

西餐: 1,Welcome to our restaurant.欢迎光临本餐厅.

2, Do you have a meal voucher / breakfast voucher?您有早餐券吗? 3,Would you like coffee or tea?您想要咖啡还是茶?

4,This way please. Would you like sitting by the window?这边请,您想坐在窗边吗?

5,May I take this plate away?我可以收掉这个盘子吗?

6,What kind of egg style would you like?请问您的鸡蛋需要什么样的形式?

7.We have pan-fried egg, scramble egg, boiled egg, poached egg.我们有煎蛋,炒蛋,煮蛋,荷包 蛋.

8.Would you like one side or two sides?您是要单面还是双面?(煎蛋)

9,How would you like the steak rare, medium, or well done?您喜欢几成熟的牛排,是生的,5 分熟, 还是全熟?

10,What kind of sauce would you like?您需要配什么汁?

11,Would you like one glass of red wine with your steak?您的牛排需要配杯红酒吗?

12,Would you like a vegetable salad or a fruit salad?你要蔬菜沙拉还是水果沙拉?

13,Here is **** for your order, please enjoy it.这是您点 菜,请慢慢享用.

14,We've got a choice of….我们今天可供选择的有…….. 15,How about some refreshments?来点点心怎么样?

16,I would recommend some….我推荐一些…..

17,It may take about 15 minutes 可能需要 15 分钟.

18,The food is best eaten while hot. Please enjoy your meal.这道菜最好趁热吃,请慢用.

19,Would you like to put that on your hotel bill?您准备把费用记到您的饭店总帐上吗?

20,Here is your bill.这是您的帐单.

21,I'm going to kitchen to tell the chef to hurry right away.我马上去催们快一点.

其他 1.I'd like to book a double room for Tuesday next week.下周二我想订一个双人房间. 2.What's the price difference?两种房间的价格有什么不同? 3.A double room with a front view is 140 dollars per night,one with a rear view is15dollars Per night.一间双人房朝阳面的每晚 140 美元,背阴面的每晚 115 美元.

4.I think I'll take the one with a front view then.我想我还是要阳面的吧.

5.How long will you be staying?您打算住多久? 6.We'll be leaving Sunday morning.我们将在星期天上午离开. 7.And we look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.我们盼望下周二见到您. 8.I'd like to book a single room with bath from the after-noon of October 4 to the morning of October

10.我想订一个带洗澡间的单人房间,10 月 4 日下午到 10 月 10 日上午用. 9.We do have a single room available for those dates.我们确实有一个单间,在这段时间可以用. 10. What is the rate, please?请问房费多少? 11.The current rate is$ 50 per night.现行房费是 50 美元一天.

12. What services come with that?这个价格包括哪些服务项目呢?

13.That sounds not bad at all. I'll take it.听起来还不错.这个房间我要了. 3

14. By the way, I'd like a quiet room away from the street if the is possible.顺便说一下, 如有可能我想要一个不临街的安静房间.

15.Welcome to our hotel.欢迎光临.

16.So you have got altogether four pieces of baggage?您一共带了 4 件行李,是不是?

17. Let me have a check again.让我再看一下.

18.The Reception Desk is straight ahead.接待处就在前面.

19.After you, please.你先请. 20.Excuse me, where can I buy some cigarettes?劳驾.我到哪儿可买到香烟?

21.There is a shop on the ground floor.一楼有个商店.

22.It sells both Chinese and foreign cigarettes.在那儿可买到中国香烟和外国香烟.

23.Can I also get some souvenirs there?也可以买到纪念品吗?

24.There is a counter selling all kinds of souvenirs.有个柜台出售各种各样的纪念品. 25.Excuse me,where is the restaurant?劳驾,请问饭厅在哪儿?

26.We have Chinese restaurant and a western-style restaurant.Which one do you perfer 我们有中餐厅和西餐厅,你愿意去哪个?

27.I'd like to try some Chinese food today.今天我想尝尝中国菜.

28.I want a double room with a bath.我要一间有浴室的双人房.

29.How much a day do you charge?每天收费多少?

30.It is hundred yuan a day including heating fee, but excluding service charge.一百元一 天,包括供暖费但不包括服务费.

31.It's quite reasonable.收费十分合理.

32.How long do you intend to stay in this hotel?您准备住多久?

33.Have you got through with the check-in procedure?你是否已经办妥住宿登记手续?

34. Can I book a single room for my friend beforehand as he will arrive in Shanghai tomorrow morning?我能为我的朋友预订一间单人房吗?他将于明天早上到达上海.

35.Would you mind filling in this form and pay a hundred yuan in advance for him.请填好并 预付一百元钱.

36.This is a receipt for paying in advance.Please keep it.这是预付款收据,请收好.

37.Have you any vacant(spare) room in the hotel?旅馆里有空余房间吗?

38.Sorry, we have no vacant(spare) room for you. But I can recommend you to the Orient Hotel where you may get a spare room.对不起,我们已经客满了.但是我可以介绍您去东方饭店,那里有空 余的房间.

39.Good afternoon, my room number is 321.Any mail for me?下午好!我的房号是 321.有我的信 吗?

40.Yes.You have two letters and one telegram, also a message was left by a lady before one hour.有的.您有两封信和一封电报,一小时前有一位小姐来电话留言给您. 41.I'll mail a letter to U.S.A.by airmail.我要寄一封航空信到美国.

42.How much do I have to pay for you?我要付多少钱? 43.A letter generally mails to America—Europe—Africa by airmail. First 20 grams is 20 yuan.通 常一封寄到美国,欧洲,非洲的航空信,20 克收费 20 元. 44.Yes, we do have a reservation for you.对了,我们这儿是有您预订的房间.

45.Would you please fill out this form while I prepare your key card for you?请您把这份表 填好,我同时就给您开出入证,好吗? 46.What should I fill in under ROOM NUMBER?"房间号码"这一栏我该怎么填呢?

47.I'll put in the room number for you later on.过会儿我来给您填上房间号码. 48.You forgot to put in the date of your departure.您忘了填写离店日期了.

49.And here is your key,Mr.Bradley.Your room number is 1420.给您房间的钥匙,布拉德利先 生.您的房间号码是 1420.

50. is on the 14th floor and the daily rate is$90. It 房间在 14 层, 每天的房费是 90 美元.

51. Please make sure that you have it with you all the time.请务必随时带着它. 4

52. My business negotiation has progressed much more slowly than I had expected.我的业务谈 判进行得比我原先预料的慢了许多.

53. I wonder if it is possible for me to extend my stay at this hotel for two days.我想知 道是否可以让我在这儿多呆两天.

54.I'll take a look at the hotel's booking situation.我来查看一下本店房间的预订情况.

55.I'm glad that we'll be able to accept your extension re-quest.很高兴我们有办法接受您延 长住宿的要求.

56. But I'm afraid that it will be necessary for us to ask you to change rooms for the last two nights.不过,恐怕最后两天我们得请您搬到别的房间去.

57. We have already let your room to another gentleman.我们已经把您住的房间租给了另外一位 先生. 58. That's no problem at all.没问题.

59.Is this everything, sir?这是全部东西吗,先生?

60.Here's the light switch.这是电灯开关.

61.Here's the closet and there's the bathroom.这儿是壁柜.这儿是洗澡间.

62. Will there be anything else, sir?还有什么事吗,先生?

63. Well,if you need anything else,please call room service.噢,如果你有什么事,请叫房间 服务.

64. Let me help you with your luggage.我来帮您拿行李.

65.It's very kind of you to do so.你这样做使我很感激.

66.What's your room number, please?请问您的房间号码?

67. And by the way, could I have a look at your room card?顺便问一句,我可以看一下您的房 卡吗?

68.How do you like this room?您觉得这个房间怎么样?

69.It's also quite spacious.房间也很宽敞.

70. Do you mind if I put your luggage by the wardrobe?我把您的行李搁在衣柜旁边好吗?

71.By the way, could you tell me about your hotel service?顺便问问,你能不能给我讲一下宾 馆服务的情况?

72.Is there any place in the hotel where we can amuse our-selves?旅馆里有娱乐场所吗?

73.If you want to take a walk, you can go to the garden.如果您想散步,可以去花园.

74.There is a recreation centre on the ground floor.在一楼有个娱乐中心.

75. You can play billiards,table tennis,bridge,and go bowl-ing.您可以去打打台球,乒乓 球,桥牌和保龄球. 76.Is there a place where we can listen to some music?有听音乐的地方吗?

77. There is a music teahouse where you can enjoy both classical music such as Beethoven, Mozart,Liszt,and mode rnmusic,while having some Chinese tea or other soft drinks.有个音 乐茶座,您可以一边欣赏古典音乐,如贝多芬,莫扎特,李斯特的乐曲和现代音乐,一边品尝中国茶和软 饮料.

78. Would you please tell me the daily service hours of the dining room?请告诉我餐厅每天的 服务时间,好吗? 79.From 7:00 a.m.till 10:00 p.m.nearly serving all day long.从早上七时一直到晚上十时, 几乎全天供应. 80. When will the bar and cafe open?酒吧和咖啡馆什么时间开放?

81.From 3:00 p.m.till midnight.从下午三点到晚上十二点.

82.Does the guest house offer any other service?宾馆里还有哪些服务项目?

83.We have a barber shop, a laundry, a store, post and telegram services,a newspaper stand, a billiard,table tennis, video games and so on.我们有理发室,洗衣房,小卖部,邮电服务,报 刊供应柜,弹子房,乒乓球和电子游戏.

84.It's jolly good!这太好了!

85.And where can I have my laundry done?脏衣服送到哪里去洗? 86.Madam.What can I do for you?夫人.我能为您做些什么? 5

87.I'm looking for a man whose name is John.我在寻找一位男士,他的名字叫约翰. 88.Could you tell me his room number, please?请问他的房间号码是多少? 89.I suppose it is 735.我想他的房间号码是 735 号.

90.By the way, please show me where the lift is?顺便请指点我电梯在什么地方?

91.I need some information about touring Hangzhou.我想了解关于游览杭州的情况.

92. There are two trains going to Hangzhou every morning,No.49 and No.79. 每天早晨有两列火车到杭州,49 次列车和 79 次列车.

93.What time does this train leave?这列火车什么时间发车? 94. Could you get me two tickets for tomorrow here?你能否在这儿卖给我两张明天的车票?

95.I'm looking for a friend, Mr.Brown. Could you tell me if he is in the hotel?我在找一 位朋友,布朗先生.你能告诉我他是住在这个饭店吗?

96.Just a minute,please.I'll see if he is registered.请稍等片刻,我看看他是否登记了.

97.They are in suite 705. Let me phone him.他们住在 705 号套房,我来给他打电话.

98.Mr.Brown said he's waiting for you in his room.布朗先生说他在房间里等您.

99.Housekeeping.May I come in?我是 客房的,可以进来吗?

100.When would you like me to do your room,sir?您要我什么时间来给你打扫房间呢,先生?

01.You can do it now if you like.如果您愿意,现在就可以打扫.

102.I would like you to go and get me a flask of hot water.我想请你给我拿一瓶开水来.

103.I'm sorry that your flask is empty.很抱歉您的水壶空了.

104.May I do the turn-down service for you now?现在可以为您收拾房间了吗?

105.Oh,thank you.But you see,we are having some friends over.噢,谢谢,但你知道我们邀请 了一些朋友过来聚聚.

106.Could you come back in three hours?你能不能过 3 小时再来整理?

107.Certainly,madam.I'll let the overnight staff know.当然可以,女士.我会转告夜班服务员.

108.Would you tidy up a bit in the bathroom?请整理一下浴室好吗?

109.I've just taken a bath and it is quite a mess now.我刚洗了澡,那儿乱糟糟的.

110.Besides,please bring us a bottle of just boiled water.此外,请给我们带瓶刚烧开的水来.

111.It's growing dark.Would you like me to draw the curtains for you?天黑下来了,要不要我 拉上窗帘?

112.Is there anything I can do for you?您还有什么事要我做吗?

113.I'm always at your service.乐意效劳.

114.Excuse me.Have you any laundry?对不起,请问有没有要洗的衣服?

115.The laundry man is here to collect it.洗衣房服务员来这儿收要洗的衣服了.

116.If you have any,please just leave it in the laundry bag behind the bathroom door.如果 您有衣服要洗,请放在浴室门后的洗衣袋里.

117.Please tell us or notify in the list whether you need your clothes ironed,washed,dry-cleaned or mended and also what time you want to get them back.请告诉我们或在洗衣单上写明您的衣服是 否需要熨烫,水洗,干洗或缝补,还要写明何时需要取衣服.

118.What if there is any laundry damage? 如果你们洗衣时损坏了衣服怎么办?

119.In such a case,the hotel should certainly pay for it.如果是这样,饭店当然应该赔偿.

120.Could you send someone up for my laundry,please?请问,你们能派人来收要洗的衣服吗?

121.A valet will be up in a few minutes.洗熨工马上就到.

122.Will the color run in the wash?洗衣时会掉色吗?

123.We'll dry-clean the dress.我们将干洗这条裙子.

124.We'll stitch it before washing.我们会在洗之前把衬里缝好.

125.When can I have my laundry back?我何时能取回洗的衣服呢?

126.But would you like express service or same-day?不过,您是要快洗服务还是当日取?

127.I'd like this sweater to be washed by hand in cold water.这件毛衣要用冷水手洗.

128.Can you change the room for me? It's too noisy.能给我换个房间吗?这儿太吵了.

129.My wife was woken up several times by the noise the baggage elevator made.我妻子被运送 行李的电梯发出的嘈杂声弄醒了几次. 6

130.She said it was too much for her.她说这使她难以忍受.

131.I'm awfully sorry,sir.非常对不起,先生.

132.I do apologize.我向您道歉.

133.No problem,sir.没问题,先生.

134.We'll manage it,but we don't have any spare room today.我们会尽力办到,但是今天我们没 有空余房间.

135.Could you wait till tomorrow?等到明天好吗?

136.I hope we'll be able to enjoy our stay in a quiet suite tomorrow evening and have a sound sleep.我希望明天晚上我们能呆在一套安静的房间里睡个好觉.

137.And if there is anything more you need, please let us know.如果还需要别的什么东西,请 告诉我们.

138.The light in this room is too dim.这房间里的灯光太暗了.

139.Please get me a brighter one.请给我换个亮的. 140.Certainly,sir.I'll be back right away.好的,先生,我马上就回来.

141.The room is too cold for me.I feel rather cold when I sleep.这房间太冷了,我睡觉时感 到很冷.

142.There seems to be something wrong with the toilet.我房间里的抽水马桶好像出了点毛病.

143.We'll send someone to repair it immediately.我们会马上派人来修的.

144.What's the trouble?哪儿坏啦?

145.The toilet doesn't flush.抽水马桶不放水了. 146.Let me see.Oh,it's clogged.让我看看.噢,堵住了. 147.The water tap drips all night long.水龙头一整夜滴水.

148.Some part needs to be replaced.I will be back soon.有个零件要换了.我片刻就来.

149.Ah,I'm afraid there's something wrong with the TV.噢,电视机好像有些毛病. 150.The picture is wobbly.图像不稳定.

151.I'm sorry.May I have a look at it?很遗憾,我可以看看吗?

152.I'll send for an electrician from the maintenance department.我去请维修部的电工来.

153.We can have it repaired.我们能找人修理.

154.Please wait just a few minutes.请稍等几分钟.

155.The TV set is not working well.电视机有毛病了.

156.I'd like to have my hair cut.我想理个发.

157. How do you want it?您想理什么式样的?

158.Just a trim,and cut the sides fairly short,but not so much at the back.修剪一下就行 了.两边剪短些,但后面不要剪得太多.

159.Nothing off the top?顶上不要剪吗?

160.Well,a little off the top.嗯,稍微剪一点.

161.Would you like a shave or shampoo?您要不要修面或洗头? 162.I want a haircut and a shave,please.我想理发和修面. 163.Very well,and how would you like your haircut,sir?好的,您喜欢什么发式?


164.Do you want me to trim your moustache?要我为您修剪一下小胡子吗?

165.Well, could you cut a little more off the temple?好,能不能把两边鬓角再剪短些?

166.Is that satisfactory?您看这样满意吗?

167.Anything else I can do for you?还要我为您做些什么吗?

168.I want a facial.我想做面部美容.

169.Most facials start with a thorough cleansing.面部美容大都是先彻底清洁面部皮肤.

170.I'll take the half-hour facial with make-up.我要做半小时美容外加化妆.

171.I'm going to Tianjln early tomorrow morning.我明天一大早要去天津.

172.So I would like to request an early morning call.因此我想让你们明天早上叫醒我.

173.At what time would you like us to call you tomorrow morning?您想让我们明天早上什么时候 叫醒您?

174.But I have to be at the conference room of the Garden Hotel in Tianjin by 10 o'clock.但 我是 10 点钟必须赶到天津花园宾馆会议室.

175.That means that I'll have to be on the road by 7 o'clock at the latest.就是说我明天早 晨最迟也要 7 点钟上路.

176.In that case,I would like you to call me at 5:45?那样的话,你们明早 5 点 45 分叫醒我好 吗?

177.OK.So we will wake you up at 5:45 tomorrow morning.好,那么我们明早 5 点 45 分叫醒您. 178.Will you do me a favour, Miss?小姐,能帮个忙吗?

179.I wonder if your hotel has the morning call service.不知道你们饭店是否有叫早服务.

180.Would you like a morning call?您要叫醒服务吗? 181.I want to go to the Bund to enjoy the morning scenery there.我想到外滩去欣赏那儿的景色. 182.At what time do you want me to call you up,sir?您要我什么时候叫醒您?

183.At 6 sharp tomorrow morning, please.请在明早 6 点钟.

184.By phone.I don't want to disturb my neighbors.电话叫醒,我不想吵醒邻居.

185.I'd like to pay my bill now.我想现在结账.

186.Your name and room number,please?请问您的姓名和房间号码?

187.Have you used any hotel services this morning?请问您今天早晨是否用过旅馆内的服务设施?

188.Four nights at 90 US dollors each, and here are the meals that you had at the hotel.That makes a total of 665 US dollars.4 个晚上,每晚 90 美元,加上膳食费,总共是 660 美元.

189.Can I pay by credit card?我可以用信用卡支付吗?

190.Please sign your name here.请您在这里签名.

191. Excuse me. We're leaving today.I'd like to pay our bills now.劳驾.我们今天要离去了. 我希望现在就把账结清.

192.By the way,I'd like to tell you that the check-out time is 12:00 noon,sir.先生,顺 便告诉您,结账后离开旅馆时间是 12 点.

193. How about the charge for the days you shared the room with your friend?这几天您的朋友 与您同住费用怎么办呢?

194.Please add to my account.请记在我的账里.

195.Have you used any hotel services this morning or had breakfast at the hotel dining room, Mr.Green?格林先生,今天早晨您是否用过旅馆服务设施,或在旅馆餐厅用过早餐?

196.Yes,my friend and I just had breakfast at the dining room,but we didn't use any services.是 的,我的朋友与我在餐厅刚用过早餐,但是我们没有使用过任何服务设施.

197.The total for the eight days is five hundred sixty yuan and eighty fen.8 天来总计是 560 元 8 角. 8

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